About Us


India is a tremendously vast and astonishing South Asian country with very diverse terrain – from Himalayan peaks to Indian Ocean coastline and history reaching back 5 millennia. Its magnificent cities are a showcase for the wonderful wealth of tradition, culture, and exuberance of life for which India is world-famous. An ultimate travel destination, India has so much to offer. We are here to extract nectar of these 5 millennia and give memorable experiences for travellers.

Saisha India has been launched to satisfy even the most travelled individual. So whether you wish to explore in an intimate group to less visited destinations or travel with your entire family, Saisha India offers the perfect range of tours that tailors to your needs. We understand that each traveller enjoys different styles; the only thing that stays the same is the level of comfort. We are working with top leading design hotels and provide our travellers with comfortable private transportation. We are here to introduce travellers to the local Indian experience and continue today where destinations come to life through their hand-picked insider experiences. They pave the way by presenting locals who share their stories, culture, and cuisines. With over 20 travel styles (Tour Circuits) created in North, Central & South India, We’ll take you on an unforgettable journey. One of the greatest advantages of travelling with us is our network of local characters. With almost 12 year experience in tourism we’ve developed intimate and valued relationships with locals in every destination, from chefs and farmers to even taxi drivers. You will share their food, their wine and listen to their stories. It is a truly unique way of getting to know your destination and something we love to see our guests experience. We’ll immerse you in unique experiences, and we’ll introduce you to amazing people. The magic begins here!

Exploration is what all about. That is what Saisha India was founded upon and is what the company is all about. Exploring cultures, food, environments, cities, mountain ranges, deserts, coasts and jungles; exploring this amazing land and at Saisha India we pride ourselves in finding the very best way to explore. If it means walking we will do it and we will make sure we do it well. We work closely with all our partners to run our tours in the best possible ways, we train our leaders, and we actively seek out specific projects so that we can make a real practical difference on the ground.


Offer Tailor Made

We offer 100% tailor made package according to your needs, budget and taste which will coordinate by our expert team only. Anytime anywhere our team is ready to help you about your concerns.

Why Saisha ?


The qualities of our vacations are second to none. We ensure quality in everything we do, whether it be inspecting our hotels or training our travel directors.


Travel with us and you’ll discover the local culture first hand at every destination. Mingle with the locals, taste their food, listen to their stories and encounter a truly authentic experience.


With more than 250 trips across India, we are sure to have a travel style and trip to suit you. We provide great and unique destinations, styles of trips, and experiences. In addition, we also offer more optional experiences and entertainment options too.

Real Flexibility

We know flexibility is important and there is always an element of free time built into our vacations. In addition, we also offer many optional experiences and entertainment options.

Real Ease

On our vacations, you’re a VIP. You won’t need to read maps, carry suitcases or wait in line at famous sites. You’ll stay in carefully picked hotels and enjoy exclusive access to many sights. We promise the real deal and that’s what we deliver.


Everyone at Saisha India has a passion for travel, from the person who greets you at the airport, to the team dedicated to uncovering extraordinary experiences. You will encounter our passion at every turn.


Innovation is important to us. We help bring your destination to life with our Insider Experiences, the first of its kind. We were also the first to offer guided vacations at a more leisurely pace. We are constantly striving for innovation and to provide you with the best possible experience.


With almost 10 year experience, we’ve managed to create meaningful relationships with everyone you encounter on your journey with us. From hoteliers to local providers, we strive to provide you with nothing but the best.

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